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Starting Figures, Aims and Advice

Starting Figures, Aims and Advice

Hi everyone! I’ve just joined, but have been looking around for a bit previously.

Starting figures are ( in inches):
FL - varies a lot!
FG - 3.75
EG - 4.5
NBPEL - 5.5
BPEL - 6

As far as my aims go, I’d like to increase a good amount of girth and possibly include a bit of restoration so there’s slightly more skin to play with as I’m circumcised. An increase in flaccid length is also highly sought after and of course erect length!

I’ve got some idea of a routine, but just wondering if anyone can make any specific recommendations for my aims or if anyone else has had experience coming from a similar position?

Thanks and nice to meet you all!

I hear you man, and welcome. I started with the similar size and have found that PE is not only possible, but attainable for one who applies consistent effort. Read all you can on the Newbie forum and learn. That’s the best way to start.

Welcome! I’m also new and having done this on and off, I think a jelqing routine is a must have

Thanks. Looking forward to see where I get to with the newbie routine for the first six weeks


Think in months or maybe years. The Newbie Routine should be kept as long as it is producing results.
Don’t measure too often for not making you crazy about size, we all are crazy enough about it.
And keep a detailed logbook, otherwise you don’t remember exactly the impact of your exercises.

I am convinced you will gain. Just go at it slowly, ramp up into the Newbie Routine over several weeks.
Maybe your body is a “more is more type”, maybe you are a “less is more type”.
So better not to rush in but gradually build up intensity (of the single session), and then frequency (sessions per week).

And: welcome on board!

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My logbook: Richard65 - the roadbook

Sound advice, thanks.


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