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Starting a real routine

Starting a real routine

OK, so I’ve toyed around with PE before, but now I want to get serious with a real routine. My plan to start with:

- 10 minutes of manual stretches
- 300 Jelq strokes
- 10 minutes manual stretches

And I plan on adding two 5 minute clamping sessions after Jelqing in about a week or so, and pumping after that if I feel comfortable. (Honestly, I am too embarrassed to buy any PE gear, so I will have to make them myself.) And of course, more strokes and more stretching. I’m going to try to keep up as much of a regiment as I can, measuring once a month.

I am not entirely sure how much to expect (it sounds like everyone gains at different rates, if at all.) but I think it is important to have a goal if I am going to stay motivated. So, the current plan is to aim for 0.1 inch a month; hopefully it’s a modest goal that I can achieve. Also, at that rate, by the half year mark I should have gained a little more than half an inch which should be enough to prove to myself that what I am seeing is the result of more than just my imagination. Finally, if I can keep that rate then at the one year mark I will have gone from boring (little under 6”) to impressive (just above 7”).

Let me know if you guys see any problems in my plan, and wish me good luck!

You can’t predict your gains, so don’t do it. For guys who do, it is the number one reason of frustration with PE.

I would do the stretching combined for better results and adding clamping in one week is OK, if you can take it. Don’t start pumping, there are way easier ways to gain, and definitely don’t make one yourself, buying one gives better results and is safer.

If you havent done PE in a long time then sticking to the basic routine makes sense. Please make sure your dick is conditioned enough before you clamp.

Walk slowly but never backwards.

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