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Sorta new

Sorta new

Well I did some exercises several years ago and know I did see something.but gave up after a while. This site has definitely renewed my interest again and confirms that this stuff does work. Been reading a lot on here trying to learn more and been back into PE for about 2 months now. I have a low lot, does this mean when hanging I should focus mainly on over the shoulder stretches? Or are there any variations to this that I can do? And should I not even do any downward stretches at all? Also, I do own a traction device. When worn upward, does this focus more on the tunica? Thanks.

>When worn upward, does this focus more on the tunica?<

If your dick is pointing skyward, then yes probably.

Do you wear it outside like that?

Yes I try to wear it as much as possible, if moving too much it doesnt work too well so sometimes I need to take off. It comes up above pants also so if my shirt comes up on accident I’m in trouble lol


So how’s that working out for you? Any gains? What’s the rest of your routine (if there is a rest).

Not sure how it’s working so far, to be honest it almost seems like the gains a made a few years ago mostly went away. But within a couple weeks of wearing it got right back to it again, almost like it remembered where it was before. So id say before starting anything I was 7.25 bpel and 5.5 eg. Now I’m around 7 5/8 bpel and little over 5.5 for girth. I just started hanging yesterday so this is new for me. Other than that I have been wearing the traction for maybe 4 hours a day, and just started manual stretching again too. So about 10 minutes stretching, 5 minutes jelqing and the traction is what I was doing. Now putting hanging in place of stretching and also doing some ill see what happens with that. I’m hoping for 8.5 bpel and 6 eg by april of next year. The low lot thing did discourage me a bit, but I guess gains can be made regardless it just may take a little longer?

>The low lot thing did discourage me a bit, but I guess gains can be made regardless it just may take a little longer?<

That’s the idea.

I don’t think low LOTters should rush to throw the kitchen sink at their PE routine either. Starting with the Newbie Routine is best for the new guys irrespective of LOT and immediately switching to hanging when you have a low LOT is probably basing the decision on too little information (and it’s just a theory at that).

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