Sorry About the Spam

If you’ve been reading the forums recently you’ll have noticed an increase in the spam levels. Unfortunately, google are reordering us in the search results at the moment which is causing other places to notice us again on keywords they monitor. We try our best to keep on the down low on Google, enough for people to find us but not so much that the spammers target us too much.

Right now though, various products and the commercial forums are spamming us to divert some traffic their way and so please be extra vigilant for new members and question their desire to post links or mention products. I know a lot of you do already (Is SizeGenetics a scam?) and that is lovely to see, so this is an explanation for those people and a heads up for anyone that hasn’t noticed.

Please use the report post icon (the red flag) to report any spam you suspect. It does help a lot. I can think of one instance recently where a member reporting spam got me to look again at a post I assumed was legitimate and discover it was actually spam.

To the spammers: we are seeing little or no extra traffic at the moment, so you’re probably wasting your time.

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