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Soreness for a tremendous wang

Soreness for a tremendous wang

I’ve been PEing for some two weeks now. I feel as though I am applying a fairly daring amount of pressure during jelqing, and I jelq for fifteen minutes or sometimes even twenty. However, when I’m done the dick never feels sore and doesn’t really hang very largely, and I never get red spots. So I would like to know whether or not other people have made decent gains without soreness. It seems like I’ve read about a million posts of people making real healthy gains in length and girth, so if you folks could chime in here, I would really appreciate it.

dmitri, I’m not sure if it’s entirely necessary to be sore after a workout in order to gain. however, the amount of pressure you will have to apply to get a decent workout will most definately increase with experience.

A lack of red dots could be a good thing, on the other hand it might mean that you aren’t applying enough pressure. I for one, get red dots every single time even with minimal pressure, but maybe it’s just me?

be happy you don’t get the red dots. Before I took my long break I got serious into trying to grow the head w/ dry techniques. Man, it got so taking a piss would add more dots… OK, perhaps that is a slight exageration, but they suck. You don’t need them to grow.

As for the soreness, perhaps someone w/ more experience (read better results) should answer. I’m a hard gainer.

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Take it easy. Don’t overdo it. You are lucky you don’t get the spots. I am into my 4th week. I get a little sore. It feels numb a little. I get red/purple spots every time. It takes some time to learn to do the exercises correctly. In the beginning I couldn’t feel any stretch in my ligs. Now I do and it has more to do with a technique than with the pull strength.

Maybe frequent masturbation has helped you cope with the pressure? I don’t really get sore either and I think it’s cause I used to masturbate frequently.

During my first few weeks I was swollen and puffy and erections were a little more difficult to achieve & maintain. I never had any numbness, though, and only a couple of red spots. Flacid hang was certainly increased, but I was always a grower, not a shower.

After 9 (or is it 10?) weeks, I don’t get the soreness as much anymore, and the puffiness doesn’t last nearly as long.

I agree that you shouldn’t overdo it, but your statement that the flacid size hasn’t changed (in addition to everything else) has raised a couple of questions in my mind: What percent erect are you when you jelq? Have you been able to measure any gains? My thought is that you may not be applying enough pressure, or jelqing with not enough of an erection, but I don’t want to tell you to step it up.


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