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Some Questions

Some Questions

I have being doing jelq and stretchs for some time now but I had a problem..
While doing my stretchs I think I broke my left ligaments =P
Have it happened to somebody and how to to heal that?

Another question is about my Jelq
-Is there any problem to use common butter on my penis while doing the wet jelqs?
-While I’m doing it I don’t fell my penis like 60-80% and most of the time (in dry jelqing it always is in a higher erection) it is like no erection at all but more large and longer and when I do the stroke he comes to the size of my penis at 60-80%..
Is there any problem?
-Is there any problem of giving my penis a cold shower instead of a hot one at the ending of the jelqing?

Thanks you all =D

Butter is for bread.

If your left ligament was broken you had:
a) really bad pain;
b) your penis would hang strange, turned to right.

About butter, I don’t think it is a good lubricant; I’m not sure, but I think it’s not safe having butter in your urethra - maybe some other vet could give a more educated answer on that.

I haven’t understood your erection-jelqing question: are you saying that your erection subside after a given number of strokes? If this is the case, it’s just normal, try using a lighter grip.

About a cold shower, it could make sense after the stretching session, but not after the jelq, IMHO: cold makes your blood-flow lower, you are looking for the opposite thing.

Welcome aboard and good luck :) .

That was a really bad pain and I can’t do the stretch to the right yet, but it’s getting better..
I guess the ligament is broken but almost that =P

Getting better with the time, but I expect it heals as sooner as possible =P

Thank you for the answers =D

More than likely it’s not broken, but just pulled too hard and so it’s stretched out and bowed a bit. It will heal with time. I’d hold off on stretching all together for a few days till it’s back to normal and then be a little more gental with it.

Oh and another thing, butter is not good to use as lubricant. Lube is relatively cheap and is much healthier (primarily because it’s steril). Butter on the other hand is likely to give you a urinary tract infection or worse, you make toast and then realize you can’t use the butter because that would be too weird after using the same jar as lubricant. Oh and god forbid you developed a sudden allergy to milk products, the most common adult onset food allergy. That would be the worst kind of swelling.

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