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Soft eretile glans

Soft eretile glans

I think I am probably no alone here, (hopefully) when I talk about my glans not being very firm when I have an erection.

It does get larger than normal and more firm, but it is not near as firm as the shaft. Do some men’s glans get more engorged with blood than others during erect state? Is there any excesses that work the blood flow into the glans to allow it to fill with more blood?

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The glans don’t have a structure that allows them to become super hard. The CC’s terminate under the glans, i.e. you should be able to feel though the glans to something rock solid, but the glans themselves don’t contain a limiting chamber that when pumped with blood stiffens into a rigid structure. The glans are also supplied separately , forming a termination of the CS.

The difference in stiffness between glans and shaft becomes more noticable for those who gain a better quality of erection through PE.

Check out some penis anatomy, it will help your understanding of what PE is doing and make it more effective. There are many pics and links here.

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The surface of the glans tends to be very smooth and nice to touch when engorged but somehow “wrinkled and creasy” with softer erections.

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