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So I have this "sweet spot" below the glans.


Shilow, major thread drift here. Don’t know how to put it any better, just that women aren’t like water balloons, it’s not a matter of being filled and stretched, more that the right spots need to be hit. Kind of like you can wrap up a cock, I’ve seen pix here, but a tight wrap won’t make a man orgasm. Yet just stimulating the frenulum can.

I think it's the woman's job to tighten up to fit her man--it's lots easier for us.

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"Rhedick, wow. Three thrusts during sex, that’s definitely premature ejaculation. You can try antidepressants, although that will also lower libido. A non-prescription product that works similar to antidepressants is an herbal product called Deferol, might want to try that.” (quote from zaneblue)

Zaneblue, I’ve been on antidepressants like Zoloft and once I hit 150 mg I was no longer able to orgasm which was great (except when I finally wanted to cum) but I hate the zombie feeling of being on antidepressants. I’ve since stopped taking Zoloft and did the Body of Life workout/eating right contest and I feel freakin’ awesome now so I don’t need the drugs. BUT, I still have this mental issue with lack of sexual confidence. When I’ve masturbated in the past, I can literally go all day long when not stimulating the glans area but if I use a fleshlight type thing then it’s just like real sex so I cum in about 3-4 thrusts due to the pressure point. I can literally be jelqing and wrap my finger around the glans “sweet spot” and squeeze and cause myself to have an orgasm even though I’m not horny, and barely even have an erection so this tells me that this is not an excitement issue but a physiological issue.

Another thing, my wife can perform oral sex on me and I can last as long as I want sometimes because it doesn’t constantly put pressure on that “sweet spot” like intercourse does. I used to have a double shot (able to cum and then almost immediately get hard and go again resulting in MUCH longer staying power) but I’m 33 now and once I cum it’s pretty much over so sex (intercourse) is basically over in about 5 seconds. My wife is like you and mentions the hardness factor feeling the best. I’m the most hard before orgasm of course so when it goes soft after it’s a real letdown. I go down on her every time and I love it (can stay down there for hours) but my wife would like to feel me inside her and for her to orgasm while I’m inside her. It’s frustrating for my wife as you can tell. This has really led to my wife shutting out all physical affection even just simple hugs and kisses, hand holding etc. Which has just killed me because I’m a physically affectionate person and not just sex. It’s really messed up so now we just act like roommates and I’m lucky to have sex every 3 months. Even then it’s pretty crappy because she’s just not into it.

It’s become a real mental thing for her as well and for me it almost did me in until I decided to do this PE stuff. Before I started this PE stuff 4 weeks ago, my flaccid hand was pitiful. It was probably about 1.5-2 inches. Heck, I was jealous of my 5 year old. He was hangin’ better than me! Now though, I’m hangin’ at about 4 inches. I feel bigger and thicker as well so my confidence has been great. I also wear a Ring of Power and the effects of that have been awesome on testosterone.

Sorry about the long post zaneblue. I appreciate your comments on penis size. I was incorrect on my BPEL. I’m 6.5” BPEL instead of 6”. I remeasured after 4 weeks of PE so I guess I’ve grown but it was probably the incorrect way I was measuring. I have not had sex since starting so I don’t know the effects of my PE and Kegels on my staying power.

Originally Posted by liquidsnow
Try using a cock ring and doing some jelqs about 15mins before you start having sex, this usually swells my dick and I lose feeling but I can still orgasm/ejaculate but I have to remove the ring right before I do..

I don’t know if this will help you any but it does help me last longer

I am now looking for a cock ring to try and someone mentioned using China Brush desensitizing gel with it. I have NO idea what kind of ring to buy. Do you use the one that it adjustable and fits around both your penis AND scrotum or just the shaft?

I will try the jelqing thing before sex as well.

Thanks for the input.

Originally Posted by HalfRusski

Can you describe your mental state when you cum this quickly? How excited are you? How nervous?

Also, if you don’t mind, how old are you, and how much sexual experience?

Doesn’t matter if I’m excited or not. I’ve been completely not interested in sex and I’ll orgasm in seconds.

I’m 33, been married for 10 years, was a virgin when I married at the age of 22 and have had sex plenty in that 10 years. It hasn’t been until the last 3 years that our sex life has come to a complete halt.


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