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Smoking the THC...



Point taken.


Great line, couldn’t have put it better.

Wishing and hoping for the best - yup your doing it wrong.

For me smoking the ganja does a few things. One it makes me a little anti-social, When I am high I cant really think of stuff to say I just sit there and I like to watch a good movie or show. I actually lose my hunger, if I smoke weed the last thing I want to do is eat. When the high wears off I get really hungry though. I lose all sex drive, when I am high I don’t want to fuck or be touched even if I was wanting to fuck right before.

Weed does seem to make PE a little better. I can feel my cock expanding more. It’s like I can feel every single cell being stretched out. Makes me more aware of what is going on.

Is it good for PE? Maby, but then again your probably just stoned…

After 18 weeks of PE 8/12/06--->NBPEL 6.75 BPEL 7.25 EG 5.25

New Start 3/1/07-->NBPEL 6.5 BPEL 7.15 EG 5.0

Now 06/8/07------>NBPEL 6.85 BPEL 7.4 EG 5.5

Originally Posted by Nadashyguy
I used to be a counselor in a methadone clinic. Some of my clients were there for opiate pill addiction, a few took methadone for pain management but most were heroin addicts. EVERY one of my heroin addicted clients started their drug “careers” by smoking weed.

I’m sure even more started with alcohol. And tobacco.
Personnaly, I begun with boose, and started smoking pot when I was 17. What I regret is that later I came to smoke tobacco.
I still smoke some pot regularly, 12 years later. I find it fun, as long as you don’t oversmoke.
Used wisely, it can be really pleasant. When I had premature ejaculation problems, I also found it helped me last longer and also makes me horny like hell.
So does it with my girlfriend. Now, I think I can say my premature ejaculation is cured, not thanks to pot of course, but by knowing better my body.
But it still makes my girlfriend horny.

05/2006 : 15cm BPEL X 12,5cm EG => 11/2006 : 17.5 cm BPEL X 13.5 cm EG => 5/2007 : 18 cm BPEL X 13.5 cm. 2 years later : shrank a bit : 17cm BPEL 01/2011

Really satisfied with my gains, but a little more flaccid would be nice. Would like to be a shower ;)

And most important : Girlfriend satisfied for about 3 years :)


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