Skin deformities

I first tried PE about 2 or 3 years ago but was never consistent enough to see permanent gains. However, I’ve been PEing consistently since March 2006 and have now had slow but undeniable gains:

Starting BPEL: 5 7/8”
Current BPEL: 6 3/8”

My penis also looks thicker to me, but according to the measuring tape my EG, which I was most interested in increasing, has unfortunately stayed around 5” despite my focus on girth work.

The gains seem to be coming a little more quickly since I switched to a version of Memento’s Momentous routine about a month ago. My current routine focuses on a 20 min session of alternating v-stretches and inverted v-stretches in the morning and a 20 minute jelq session in the evening that includes a few 30 second holds, horses and Sadsak head exercises. I generally do this 1-day on 1-day off.

While I’m happy with my length gains I’ve started to notice a concerning side-effect. I’ve started to develop small, rough patches of skin in the region of my circumcision scar. They essentially look like small patches of tiny wrinkles that persist even when my penis is erect and the skin is stretched out. In addition, on the side of my penis it looks like parts of my circumcision scar have started to separate into two raised ridges of skin divided by a lighter area that’s about 1/8” wide. These extra bits of skin are somewhat sensitive to touch and the added texture is definitely noticeable if I masturbate with lube.

Has anyone else had this problem? Would you attribute it more to the stretching or the jelqing part of my routine? I don’t find these new skin features particularly aesthetically appealing and don’t imagine my girlfriend will either (I’m finally going to see her again in December after many months apart), so this has really killed my PE motivation. I’m planning on taking a few weeks off to see whether they start to disappear. Anyone have any other ideas for firming up the skin a little and preventing this from happening in the future?