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OK, so it’s been my second day of PE’ing. I am currently using the newbie routine consisting of manual stretches and 200 jelques followed by 25 kegels! Now I wasn’t expecting results after my first 2 workouts, not even after my first few months, but I have a slight concern! After my exercises I hang much better than before when I’m flacid, nearly 6” IT’s great for me because I’m only used to a 3” hang at the max! But literally after 5 minutes, my penis just shrivels back to 3”! Is this normal? I realise that I should’nt expect results ASAP but many people on here explain how after PE’in there penis hangs for a good length of hours.

Also, is it ok to masturbate after PE’in or will that harm the penis in any way?


After jelqiong, I hang about a full 2-3 inches lower too but it goes back, I believe its called the turtling affect, some people wrap their dick to hold it out in that length. Might want to do a search on that since I am not experienced with that myself. About masturbation, try ot steer clear of it about 3 hours before or after PE I am told.

It’s perfectly normal. But try giving it a tug here and there and it will become longer again.

I too suffer from the same effect. Though it never bothered me to ask about it. And yes, most people will say either to wait or not masturbate at all during your PE days. However, that hasn’t stopped me in the past! :D

Good luck!

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Lol, I know, the urge is killing me.But I don’t want to risk anything!

Masturbating isn’t going to hurt your gains. You should only refrain from it before a PE session because if you don’t it will be harder to maintain the level of erection you want.

As far as the hang goes it’s really not important in my opinion. Some guys hang bigger for longer and some don’t. Doesn’t mean anything.

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