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Should I tell the wife about PE

Originally Posted by mgus
That’s my point. If his wife thinks touching sexual parts is dirty and wrong, then being open about PE is probably not going to be easy. But if she feels that it is wrong to touch one’s own private parts and caught you in the act, then the immediate reply would be “I am so thankful that you will take on my needs here and now!”

Besides, your wife said it was OK as long as you didn’t obsess about your dick? How long time does she spend daily doing makeup, choosing clothes, fixing her hair…?

Don’t get me started on that…!!!
Basically I tell her the truth, an exercised penis is stronger, less succeptible to erectile, prostate and fertility problems later. Whenever she sees me jelqing or doing other exercises, I tell her, When I’m 50+ and I can still get a proper erection you’ll be happy you let me do this while I was younger. Anyway, the smile on her face when my roch hard penis rubs against her tells me what she feels about PE.

Told three women about it (all of whom I was/am involved with). I started all the discussions with, “If given the choice, would you prefer my cock wider or longer?” After several seconds of thought they’d answer (all said longer, but hesitatingly) and that would get the ball rolling on my “exercises”.

The only reason I hesitate is most women talk. I didn’t want any of my Significant Other’s friend’s husbands knowing about what I do. Sure enough my ex let it be known - but it was in a highly complimentary manner. Hell, nowadays, I don’t really care if everyone finds out.

If girth is king, why the hell does everyone keep talking about length?


She already said that you had a decent size when hard…and you do. You are above average and any women should be happy with that. Many would want more but they might have to search for some time to find it.

What you need to do is a bit of hanging to work that flaccid length into shape. I myself am new to PE and my flaccid length has increased by about 3” in 3.5 weeks. I walk around the house hanging about 5” flaccid and the wife just can’t keep her eyes off it. I think its funy as hell to be talking with her while shes doing her hair in the bathroom, and then she turns to reply and she replys to my cock! Hanging is awesome!! In the mornings is best because I have the 5” flaccid and I often have slight wood because I need to piss; I just wait it out so that she really gets an eye full.

START hanging and in a months time you can be doing the same. I bet she will be all over you !! Good luck

There are some advantages to sharing PE with your spouse: my wife told me last night that she’d had a dream recently wherein my cock hung nearly to my knees and she was trying to fuck it. She said that we couldn’t fit the whole thing in her, but that we were sure having fun trying.

See, I’ve got my lady thinking about my cock in a new way and those thoughts are so pervasive that they are coming up in her dreams. Hehe, now who's obsessed with my cock?


Sounds good but if she is dreaming of a cock to your knees, you may have alot of hanging in your future. Hopefully she is rooted well in reality.

β€œToo bad the only people who know how to run the country are busy driving cabs and cutting hair.” - George Burns

Diplomacy is the art of saying "Nice doggie" until you can find a rock. Will Rogers stats- Started PE around 10 yrs ago at 6.25" el and 4.5" eg as of 8/1/2005 6 7/8" el and 5"eg PE does work. If I had been dedicated all along I would probably be 9x7. I never have been consistent with my PE but have gained anyway. Goals are 8x6 by 8/1/2006


:D I guess that I do!

Really, she is well grounded. I wouldn’t have married her otherwise. I just thought that it was rich that after playfully accusing me of obsessing over my package, the obsessive thoughts about big dick are now in her head.

My rules on this topic are:

-Thou shall never tell a soul about Thunders place.
-Thou shall never admit thou penis hath grown to anyone. Or that thou performs excercises on it


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