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Should I cut back and get better workouts?

Should I cut back and get better workouts?

I’ve been doing the Newbie routine for some weeks now. I don’t feel like my jelqs are any good though. The only grip I actually feel like is doing any work is the c-grip. Should I cut back to say 100 jelqs only using this grip and work up say 10 jelqs per week? I’m a little discouraged as I’ve seen minimal gains…

At least you got gains. Could you describe a “C” grip for me?

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Originally Posted by kingpole
At least you got gains. Could you describe a “C” grip for me?

Not really. Maybe 1/10” but it could just be a measuring error or harder erection…

C-grip is described on this website in the jelquing section.

You don’t say how long “some weeks” is exactly, but I suspect you are looking too early for gains. Although some guys appear to get quick gains, many do not. PE is a test of perseverance and patience. You probably would be better served waiting for up to six months before doing a size evaluation. Make your initial PE time one of experimenting with and refining your jelqing and stretching techniques. There simply is no substitute for allowing time to do its work.

Always pay close attention to your PIs. Stay in that zone with your best EQ. If you decide to add to your jelqs, do so in small increments so your penis can adjust healthily to the added stress. Your PIs ought to let you know if you’ve gone too far too fast. As an aside, I don’t count my jelqs, but instead jelq for a period of time (X minutes). I loose count too easily if I have to concentrate on something arousing to stay properly erect.

I have found the overhand grip to feel best to me. It allows me to focus the squeeze on the sides of my shaft, while going easy on the top surface where the dorsal nerve is located.

Be willing to experiment, with caution, but then be prepared to settle into a consistent routine for at least three months to give it a chance to work (always remembering PIs). If you feel a need to change things up, then settle into that new routine again for a fair amount of time. Changing things around too much in a frantic search for the Holy Grail will keep you from knowing what is really working or not working for you. PE is a series of long experiments we perform on ourselves. If at the end of three or six months of a consistent routine you find you’ve got nowhere, then you haven’t failed so much as you’ve discovered that a particular routine is not prompting growth. That serves as the basis for making an intelligent change in your PE. Commit, then, to another PE experiment on yourself. Don’t forget that some guys don’t realize growth until after having stuck with PE for as much as a year or longer. All along, if done right, you will have given yourself improved EQ, and that is definitely worth a lot (speaking as a middle-aged guy).

Hang in there, be patient, and don’t think too much about measuring.


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