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Shaft skin to tight

Shaft skin to tight

My shaft skin is to tight and when I get an erection my glans bends down.. Someone help me out what can I do!

Many guys notice a loosening of their shaft skin shortly after starting PE exercises. Begin with the Newbie Routine and see if it doesn’t help with the tightness.

Thanks sir :)

By the way westla, I’m a young healthy individual, how long till I notice any results in gains (lets say a half inch).

And is there any other exercises besides jelqing that will increase my gains thank you!

The type of gains you get vary person to person. If you are committed in your PE, then you will get there.

Well, strectches for example.. If I don’t have much shaft skin.. Would doing stretches and making the inner penis stretch out more create even more tention on my shaft skin?

the main complaint where skin is concerned in PE is the stretching, jelqing, and other exercises is in the fact that they stretch the skin too much. I once had a very, very tight erection due to tight skin which has now been corrected. My cock skin is now much baggier and “crinckled up” looking. This, in itself, makes my flaccid much more formidable. The skin is more prone to stretching and growth than are the tunica, ligs, and other structures you’re working on. Just do your PE and you’ll be just fine.

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wantsmore is correct. The skin is much more able to change than the inner structures and is usually the first thing to “grow” during PE. Having looser skin tends to allow the expanding things inside to grow without constricting them.

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