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Second at it, I'm already bleeding


Believe me, I’ve never shriveled that fast in my life! I think it would be fare to say I was in a state of panic for a few brief moments. I think Piet and L born XXL buried were right though, not a vein. The blood probably just pumped out quickly because of the high pressure. I’m not going to give up that easily though.

Originally posted by springer
deeznuts - I was wondering if I might get flamed for saying that. It's hard to know which thoughts are normal and which are not (if you know what I mean). Sometimes things that arouse are just hard to analyze. They (the sisters) have so many similarities. Eyes, mouth, hair. They even smell the same. I bet they taste the same. Maybe it's the smell? Same pheromones? Who knows but it gets me going.

C’mon, we are on a forum about getting our dicks bigger. Things that would normally result in scorn in other places couldn’t be more at home here! You should see the forums at the bottom of the page, there’s some stuff in there!

Thing about my gf/sis, is that, (not trying to boast here) is that my girlfriend is a lot more attractive. Not just my opinion, just the frequency of guys hitting on them at clubs and such. But, like I said, it’s the one girl in the whole world I should not sleep with.


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