I have been mildly worried for a while about a slight pain around my testicles and to the right and left (it varies) of my pubic bone. It is something I have always experienced after PE exercises, and since I didn’t notice any further effects (I.e. Everything seemed to be functioning as it should) I’ve simply ignored it for my 9 months of PE.

Anyway, a couple of things happened recently which have made me concerned. I don’t masturbate very often, and when I did it around a week ago the ejaculate was watery, there seemed to be an absence the thick stuff which I understand is the actual sperm. After a couple of days of worry I tried again and thankfully things appeared to be functioning as normal again. Another thing I’ve noticed is that my testicles seem smaller, and although this may be due to a 1/2 inch increase in girth, I’m concerned.

Coincidently, I too noticed strange thin red viens on my sac a couple of days ago before I found this thread.
It seems that there is a link between the viens of the penis and those of the testicles to the extent that I seem to be damaging(?) those of the testicles whilst “exercising” the penis.