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Scary injury

Scary injury

Hey guys its been a while since I’ve posted up on the forums, I’m usually just lurking around. But I ran into a serious problem recently and decided to just ask my experienced brethren. I tried posting this in the injuries forum since thats where it belongs but it seems I can’t and given the urgency I figured id post here. Long story short I’m a strong PE follower, and casual hanger. I did my usual hanging exercises one day with no feeling of pain, Went to go have intercourse with a new girl for the first time. She was pretty rough ill have to admit. Next thing you know 10 minutes into me. He goes soft and DOES NOT wake up for the rest of the night. I tried porn, yelling at it.nothing. Sure enough I felt a constant pinching feeling on the left side of the shaft towards the base right behind the fat pack. Happened about 4 days ago, I continued having sex throughout the weekend and it does seem to be progressively better. But I am still feeling that pain a little, and I just don’t see that 100% erection. I’m 23 years old, 5 ‘11 200 lbs. Work out. I’m guessing this is just a rest and recuperate and not just a walk it off type of injury. But I figured id ask before I freak out and take an unnecessary trip to the urologist.

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It doesn’t seem like a major concern, just soreness. But I suppose anything related down there should be considered serious. I would already have an appointment setup. Don’t gamble on the package!

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Not a big concern.

Not being able to get that 100% erection when you’re recovering from any sort of injury or pain associated with you penis is perfectly normal. It’s the body’s response to injured tissue: the surrounding tissue tightens up and contracts, to protect it. Every pulled a muscle? The whole area will tighten up to protect your injury.
The CC does the same thing, and this prevents good erections. It’s you body telling you to not use your dick for a while.

Leave it alone for 96 hours. Don’t check it. Don’t do PE. Don’t have sex or masturbate. Don’t submit to the urge of stimulating yourself to see if your dick can get fully hard again - just leave it alone.

Then check. It will most likely be 100% better by then. If not, some more rest.

Also once you get scared because you’ve gone soft, it will almost NEVER get hard again that session because you’re freaking out about it.

Thanks for the advice guys. I actually had another encounter with the same girl tonight. And sure enough after the foreplay he flopped out on me again. Same ol pain in base of the shaft. Feels like a bruised vein because its a constant pinching feeling which gets worse of I get aroused. I’m gonna take the full 4 day break and see what happens. Still kind of scary and depressing though this has never happened to me before, its a hell of a shot to the ego.

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