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Routine and some questions

Routine and some questions

I started the PE process around the end of January, although I didn’t start stay consistent with it until the end of February I followed the newbie routine and worked my way up. I started with a little over 5.75 BPEL length, I am currently just a little over 6 BPEL. I didn’t have a measuring tape for girth until a couple weeks ago but I’m a little over 4.5 EG.

My current routine is as follows:
2 days on 1 day rest
10 Min warm up with either a hot shower, or hot wrap.
I do two sets of stretches holding for thirty seconds a stretch. My stretches are all of the simple stretches, the BTC stretch, the V stretch and the inverted V stretch.
I then do a wet jelq for about thirty minutes
And I end with a ten minute cool down, basically the same may I warm up.

I’m basically just looking for opinions, on if there are any other stretches I should add into my routine. I’m also wondering if I just do three sets of stretching instead of two? I’ve also been thinking about clamping, I bought cable clamps but I’m not sure on how to work this into my routine any suggestions of that? Also any suggested changes would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance for your input.

Have your gains dried up suddenly? If you’re getting results with your current routine then stick to EXACTLY that routine until you can get no more out of it.

Clamping is a whole other ballgame in comparison and should be researched thoroughly, but when you feel you’re ready and have got the most you can out of your current routine, substitute the 30 minutes jelqing for 3x5 mins clamping, slowly upping it to 3x10 mins over the week.

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As drilla says, if it works, don’t mess with it.

As that is a lot of jelqing, my only suggestion is to add a 3-4 day in a row rest period every 10 days or so.

To test this rest period, take a BPEL measurement after the last workout before the rest period, then take one after your first workout after the rest period.

Then after 2-3 of these rest periods you might see that your penis is expanding during the rest.

My other suggestion is to do only one exercise for a month at a time. Do jelqing only for a month, then do stretching for a month.

Please note these are only friendly suggestions of things to try that don’t involve increasing intensity, which is also always an option.

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