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Reporting for PE duty

Reporting for PE duty


Thought it might be correct to “introduce” myself as this is my first posting to the forum. I’ve been interested in PE for a long time and, from the looks of it, might have finally found a setting to try and realize this aspect of my ambitions.

I’m a little over 30 and am trained in a fairly artistic profession with a technical backdrop. My temperament is something I’ve recently preferred to call “a passive extrovert”, perhaps more accustomed to indirect forms of communication rather than finding incessant mingling, wheeling and dealing too rewarding. I’d like to think myself as innovative, something I hope I can put to use for own and common good here also.

Regarding my sexual orientation, I’m straight in the sense that I feel “at home” in my male physique as such and prefer to use it in romantic relationships “in the traditional sense” with women; something that causes confusion and misinterpretation in those that are accustomed to very clear cut gender definitions is that in emotional terms I’m more of an intersexual. This is of course reflected in my demeanour and temperament but has nothing to do with the physical practice of my sexuality - with what is, in physical terms, the opposite sex.

So, why the interest in PE?

- First, I’m very comprehensive in health issues. Neglecting any part of my physicality, even if it is traditionally not a subject of the social realm, feels wrong. I fully expect this will, in fact, encourage me to pay more attention to my overall condition.
- Second, as long as I can remember, I’ve had an instinctive interest in PE.
- Third, I’m a visually inclined person and would like to be able to confidently establish a sexual “presence” when need be. This is not a competition, just a quest to be “big enough” to feel reasonably comfortable under any circumstances. I’m a tall person and being well within the confines of “average” my “equipment” just looks smaller in comparison, if not in real terms sometimes. I can’t deny that I wouldn’t try to compensate somewhat for my timidity in physical terms, but if one can tackle a problem from more than one direction, all the better. Sometimes talk is just talk, as much as a cigar is just a cigar.
- Fourth, I’ve made fledgling attempts at PE without being able to consult anyone. While I wasn’t consistent or knowledgeable enough to achieve anything in terms of size, I did experience some physical improvement that convinced me that there’s something to it.
- Fifth, when things were supposed to grow, I was used to very snug underwear. Afterwards I’ve had a lingering doubt that such constriction might have hampered my being “all that I can be”, so to say.
- Sixth, I didn’t expect that PE can provide the grounds for such a social forum and support. I’m impressed and delighted; also looking forward to reading from experienced mentors and encouragement by those who’ve already gained from PE - hopefully my reflections will prove useful, too.
- Seventh, I’m fighting boredom, and this is something constructive, beneficial and outside the aspects of my life that I’m familiar with. A challenge.

Maybe this will do for now for motivation.

My first thought, going cursorily through the abundance of information here, is that I’ll use the “initiation phase” of my membership here to put together a plan that I can put to use as a sort of a “new year’s promise”. Ever prudent, I’m not one to jump into anything without consideration.

OK, now that I’ve depleted much of what I intended to use for subject matter in those 20 first posts until full access is granted, I’ll just finish by saying that I hope to be received well. I’m sure to return the favour as best I can.

Welcome to Thunders Easy Does It

Your name says it all for about the first month :) . Read the newbie primer, located here in the Newbie forum, lots of good information on how to do the exercises and what to look for. This is what I mean by the newbie primer: START HERE ——-> NEWBIE ROUTINE <——- Important Newbie Threads/Info

We encourage questions, honest. We also encourage you to use the search feature to see if you can find the answers first, if you can’t, then by all means ask away.

Once again, welcome and may your stay be fruitful.

sunny A day without sunshine is like a day without laughter :sun:

On Fighting Boredom: You’ll still have to fight it down the road in your PE. :) It’s a repetitious and routine and constant process.

Welcome to the forums.



Welcome :)

What are your stats and your (short/long term) goals?’

You’ll definately find everything on this site and theres lots of people here to help you out if you need it, and dont be afraid to ask questions!

8 nbp| x |5.8"

Stats|:mwink: |Pics!

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Welcome to Thunders. :)

:buttrock: The Peter Dick method :buttrock:

Then, BPEL:7.500"x5.500"

Now, BPEL:8.375"X6.750"



This forum is exceeding my expectations already! What an active “membership” (In a truer than usual way, indeed!).

Yes, I’m going through the Newbie Routine, quite a read in itself. I’m most likely to be posting during weekends, weekdays tend to be too busy and I’m not going to do this, or post, with haste. Rest assured, questions I have an abundance of, but will hold on to those until I’ve managed to fathom the basics so that you don’t have to put up with too basic inquiries.

PE is repetitious? That’s OK with me, I’m too prone to little routines as it is, so I will use that “comfortable with self-imposed parameters” to my advantage here.

Stats? Eh, well, as that particular member has pretty much a mind of it’s own, even “ready for action” measurements can vary somewhat. I’d say that at best, my length is 16 cm (6.3 inches) and girth (circumference) is 12.5 cm (4.9 inches) or 4 cm (1.6 inches) across. So the appearance is sort of stubby for a slim guy of 190 cm (6’3” - 6’4”?), particularly as the erect angle when standing up doesn’t really highlight the best qualities lengthwise when seen from above.

Another thing is that I’ve got a sportsman’s low blood pressure, whether I’m in shape or not. As a result the flaccid member tends to contract and it can look quite pitiful at times (and it doesn’t have to be freezing). Also, doing work that requires sitting most of the time, I always catch myself off-guard, mashing it tightly between my legs. Now, that can’t be good for circulation but I’ve been unable to kick the habit.

So, without much regard to realism at this point, my initial goals would be twofold; to make a visual improvement I.e. Have a “hang” in the flaccid state equal or very close to my erect measurements now. And to alter the proportions so that my (hopefully) eventual length gains will be much more obvious than the girth ones - albeit, I wouldn’t mind that either since as measurements go I hear women appreciate the latter over the former. Whether this translates better to a long- or short term prospect, you’re better informed about that.

Oh, I almost forgot, it’d be sweet if the head would hide my belly button when viewed directly from the front side, standing straight up. That would be proportionally close to what I hold as an ideal visually.

In any case, thank you for the welcome, I look forward to mutual gains.


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