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Red Spots

Red Spots

Hi, i seem to have developed tiny red spots on the head of my penis under the foreskin. Its also slightly itchy. I did have unprotected sex 3 days ago. Does anyone know what they might be??

PS- it seems like inflamed or burst capillaries you get if you overtrain during PEing but im not sure. If anyone knows anything please let me know.

I get the spots from pumping after having taken a few days off, so my dick is not conditioned to the stress.

My g/f use to buy different kinds of lube. Sometimes depending on the lube, if we had sex during the night and I didn’t wash it off right away I would get some itch and a little reddish colour where ever I had the most build up of lube. Usually in the ridge of the gland.

The Kegel Nazi's Triumphant come back to PE. Re-Starting at BPEL: 7" and MSEG: 6"

For a second I thought it was some STD. Got really scared for a bit. Anyone else had those tiny red spots??

Is the lymph node in you groin on either side swollen?

The Kegel Nazi's Triumphant come back to PE. Re-Starting at BPEL: 7" and MSEG: 6"

Checked all my lymph nodes, none are swollen. I think i might get a blood test just to be sure. I thought I had seen this condition before once when i overtrained during jelqing, just wanted to make sure with everyone else. If anyone else knows anything please let me know. Thanks

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