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Red spots in my penis!!!

Red spots in my penis!!!

I´ve been peing for a couple of months, but in this mourning I decide to be in the tube for more 5 minutes and with more pressure, not too mutch. And now there is some red spots in my penis from the base to the head. It can be dangerous? Do I have to stop pump or not? When can I pump again?

I think you’ve done well not to have had any red spots until two months in.

You are right though, don’t go so high with the pressure for now. How high did you go?

I would recommend following the routine outlined in Avocet8’s Pumping 101.

You should shy away from red spots, and when you do get them, let them heal before PEing again or you may end up with discolouration.

Im have peing for a few months, just added the pump in 1 month ago, red spots only with jelq not with pump. I think its over pressure not the time. Well Next time less pressure and the same time, if red spots appear again I will back to 10 minutes per session.

Thanks for your reply.

need help please!!

Been PE-ing for 9 months now and never had problems with red spots. Earned two or three on the head way back at the begining. About couple of weeks ago after my usual routine of Streches, dry and wet jelqs and squeezes ups!!! anything between hundred or two small red spots all over the f. shaft. WTF!!! So I let it rest and the morning after they disappeared. Took a day off just in case.
The next session, immediately ater the very first squeeze, same again. Took three days off, with no PE at all. The next session, immediately ater the very first squeeze, same again. Took 6 days off. Made sure that the first session was light, with only 10 minutes of wet J. Began the squeezes very gently and again immediately few spots reappeared. WTF is going on. Only a month ago I was doing some heavy sessions where for instance I’d get to the girth of 5,5 inches (normally I’m just under 5), with no spots whatsoever. I always warm up and increase the intensity very gradually.
Need some advice guys.Any cream, lotion bloody anything to help get rid of this shit.
By the way I searched the Thunders and people normally take couple of days off and that’ about the only advice out there.

Thanks a lot.


Start 15 April 2004 EL BP 15.7 (6.18) EG 11.5 (4.52) FL 8.3 (3.26) FG 9 (3.54)

johnson, well taking a day or two or even a week off to let something heal (whatever you are talking about btw, be it the penis, a cut on your hand or a stretched lig on your ankle) is not enough _BY FAR_.
A cut usually closes within one weeks and needs about 4 weeks to heal (and 2 more months so you can’t see it anymore).
Stretched ligs may take longer until the pain ceases.. but even then (1-3 weeks of healing already) there is still 1-2.5 months left to wait for it to _fully_ heal.. And even then ligs take even more time (up to a year or so) to not being vulnerable to the certain kind of pull that caused the injury.

What this is all about? Listen to your body. Be nice to your body. Keep a cool head. End of story :)

thanks ys. I don’t know if I would define these as cuts. In my non-expert opinion these are burst capilars.(difference?????)
What bothers me so much is that I can not figure out why it happened when it did. The only thing I could think about is that I stopped doing kegels for about two months now. No idea if it’s got anything to do with this.
Very depressing stuff this is, especially in this ‘NY resolution-powered keenness period of mine’


Start 15 April 2004 EL BP 15.7 (6.18) EG 11.5 (4.52) FL 8.3 (3.26) FG 9 (3.54)

Well if they are just red spots, then it is actually a good sign. It means that you are getting a good stretch in. However, take some time off when you see these. They are a good indicator that you are doing good, but also a bad indicator that you need to chill a little bit with it. Just take a little time off and you should be fine.

The decision has been made. A whole week with stretching and mild wet Js only. Will inform you in future for the sake of science.
Thanks again.


Start 15 April 2004 EL BP 15.7 (6.18) EG 11.5 (4.52) FL 8.3 (3.26) FG 9 (3.54)

just found this on the net. Apparently this cream is a solution to my worries. Will go down to the Boots store and check it out.

What exactly are Broken Capillaries?

Broken capillaries are the ugly red spots and spidery shapes that appear mainly on the nose and cheeks. They occur when tiny capillaries have been stretched so often by the pressure from larger veins that they have become permanently dilated. The abnormal dilation weakens the capillary walls causing them to rupture easily. When the wall ruptures, blood seeps out and flows down along the pathway made by surrounding capillaries. When the blood dries the result is a web like bruise we know as broken capillaries.
By using Capillary ClearTM for broken capillaries treatment you can help support capillary health. This process gradually diminishes the visible signs of the broken capillaries from the face until they finally disappear. In fact regular and consistent use of Capillary Clear™ may even prevent further occurance

Start 15 April 2004 EL BP 15.7 (6.18) EG 11.5 (4.52) FL 8.3 (3.26) FG 9 (3.54)

Two small red spots on my penis head.

Hey. I excessively used the pump for about a couple of hours or so. I had pressure at times up to 10 and 15. Later on aside from a donut which went away until now, I noticed two small spots on my head. One slightly more noticeable then the other. Is it a burst blood vessel? I’m not experiencing any pain now. Does this go away in two weeks or two months; more? I looked up that cream that you posted. It said it was mostly for facial problems. Didn’t read anything about it saying it would help red spots on penis. Did you use it? Does it work? Please reply and let me know. Thanks.

It will go way in about week . You should read more, pumping shouldn’t be done at pressures higher than 6 hg., most useful pressure is in the 3-5 hg.

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