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Red-Purple dots blood at tip of penis

Red-Purple dots blood at tip of penis

I’ve done 3 of the beginner routine sessions so far (on, on ,off, on) and I’ve noticed there is what looks like blood welled up around the urethra. Is this normal? Am I using to much force whilst jelqing or stretching?

Start (November 06, 2013): 6.5"x5.5"

Short term goal: 7.25"x6"

Long term goal: 8"x6.5"

Can anyone help me out?

Start (November 06, 2013): 6.5"x5.5"

Short term goal: 7.25"x6"

Long term goal: 8"x6.5"

I don’t know if anyone but a person who has gone through this themselves can do anything else but fling guesses around. My suggestion is wait until it goes away and when you try the exercises again monitor the situation at all times.

Progress Report Thread: New guy, never done anything like this before

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It is possible that you are using too tight of a grip while jelqing. Being new at this as well other may have more knowledge and better advice, but the grip from my understanding should not be tight and not too lose. Just enough to move blood around should be good. It took me awhile to find a good medium grip that I am comfortable with an now things go a lot smoother.

Try a lighter grip and maybe less jelqs to start with. I would also recommend taking a few days off to let swelling go down some and redness to disappear. Is the redness in the form of spots or is the tip of the glans completely red? Any pain associated with it? What erection level are you jelqing at?

I say too much force, it’s easy to do. once I saw blood coming out after jelqing/squeezing to hard. I recommend you stop and get a female to do it because when I dated this girl she would squeeze/yank/pull it as hard as she could and it could never hurt it even with both hands and both feet! I’m not sure why or how but there’s something about females that makes this true. If you have a girl that can do that for you, I would certainly ask her to.

My current dimensions: flaccid: 8" x 6.5" erect: 9.5" x 7.125" glans: soft length:1.825" soft diameter 1.65" firm length:2.286" firm diameter:1.90"

Goal: flaccid: 9" x 7" (.1" length .5" girth) erect: 10" x 8" ( .5" length 1" girth) glans: soft length: 2.25" soft diameter: 2" firm length: 2.5" firm diameter: 2.25"

Ultimate goal: flaccid: 10" x 8" erect: 11.5" x 9.75" glans: soft length: 2.5" soft diameter: 2.25" firm length: 4" firm diameter: 3" In other words: A big, fat elephant cock!

I’ll start by saying I’m new here so I can’t exactly give you sound advice other than go read the How to Jelq thread before you start jelqing again. You should probably take a break though. As far as I’m concerned, jelqing isn’t supposed to hurt, so yeah it is likely you’re griping too hard.

Best thing about PE is that we all love our dicks enough to be very careful.

Ring around the pee hole.

Sounds like you might be grabbing a little too much of the glans.

Make sure you are gripping behind the glans when stretching and yes, with a little less force for now. Maybe try switching to an overhand grip, if you aren’t stretching that way already.

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