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Recovery Time

Recovery Time

I just started PE about two weeks ago, following the newbie routine. Like it says, I’ve been doing 2 days on and one day off, though I usually feel slightly sore on the second day of practice. This time, however, I find that although I’ve took yesterday off, today I still feel pretty sore, with minor discomfort when I try to jelq.

So, my question is, how much is enough discomfort/soreness to warrant postponing a given day’s session? I want my penis to become conditioned to higher intensities of exercise, so I don’t want to go so easy that it doesn’t have to adapt, but I’m also obviously considered about injury/overdoing it. Should I wait until I feel fully recovered or just go ahead with the session despite minor discomfort? Is there anything I can do on off days to sped up recovery? The only thing I’ve thought of so far is hot wraps with no stretching or jelqing. I know this is probably one of those things you have to just kind of feel out for yourself, but I’d appreciate any advice more experienced people could give me on this.

I’m no expert. But I believe pain shouldn’t be felt. If your penis is okay such as: no decrease in morning erection etc. Or pain while urinating.

Then just take it easy. Do lighter jelqing to start. That’s one thing I have learned

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It’s not pain, really, just discomfort or tenderness. Can’t decide whether it’s better to have a really light session or to just take the whole day off so I can have a better session tomorrow.? Or maybe I’m just jelqing too hard?

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