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Recovery time after kegels

Recovery time after kegels

As you want the PC muscle to be as strong as possible when having sex, does it not make sense to avoid doing kegels on a day where you’ll be having sex? If so training does become a bit tricky if you’re having sex multiple times a week..

I also wonder about overtraining the PC muscle - a lot of people seem to say just do the exercises whenever possible, every day, but as this is a muscle surely it needs time to recover, right? I would imagine doing several sets throughout every day doesnt give the muscle enough time to recover? Would appreciate peoples thoughts on this matter and perhaps some experiences…

It’s ridiculously resilient and hard to over train. I’m sure somebody has done it before, but it can’t be easy to do.

It’s not the PC, it’s the BC. Actually, it’s the BS, but I originally said BC because it sounded like PC. :)

See: Locating the bc muscle

The exercises are to tone and strengthen the muscle. It’s not like regular resistance training.

I’ve changed my opinion since I wrote the original article. Kegels don’t need to be done daily. I now think a few times a week is all that’s really necessary.

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