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Recommended age

Recommended age

So I’m new here and barely discovered the art of PEing, and I was wondering how old you should be b4 you start. Because I told my lil bro about this and he wanted to try it. He’s only 15, should he start now? Or wait till he finishes growing?

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The forum is 18+ so you’ll probably find some resistance to that question. I have a suspicion that mid pubescence would be a golden window of opportunity, but since we’re all 18+ here there’s very little data to substantiate that.

If you look at the average Views vs Replies of any thread, you’ll see that it’s quite a heavy ratio. Even active members like myself view a lot of threads that we don’t participate in. People have their own areas of specialisation so don’t be offended by the lack of replies.

Finally, I should draw attention to the forum guidelines regarding writing style (this being an international forum). You’ll have the site nazis on your case for using txt/IM speak :)

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He should be careful — his penis might grow to seven times its original size in a matter of months! :D

This topic has been discussed before, but there is no definitive answer. Most guys seem to agree that starting during one’s teenage years is perfectly reasonable, so long as the dude is mature enough not to overdo it and fuck up his dick for life.

Try using the “Search” button in the upper right corner of the screen, and you’ll find some relevant threads on this issue.

If you’re already masturbating I see no reason not to start.

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