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Really new but I have some questions.

Really new but I have some questions.

I seen the newbie sets and I won’t lie I don’t need length. I just want to get girth so whats the best way to get that.

I suppose it’s by jelq

Yes, start with the basic,which is either wet or dry jelq.

But isn’t that to make it longer I don’t want that at all. I want girth at 7 inchs I’m happy length. Is there anything I can do to just get that?

I’m pretty sure jelqing is mainly for girth although I think it gives a little length too. Stretching is used mainly for length only.

I think you should look into clamping, I don’t know very much about it but I think that’s good for girth gains.

Good luck.

Clamping is best for girth, but you shouldn’t do that before having at least 6 months of PE experience behind you.

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It is cool that you are already hap, hap, happy with your length. Would you be OK if you did gain a bit in that department while pursuing girth? Knowing that will help others to give you workable advise.

As the guys have pointed out clamping is a girth gainer… but also one of the more risky endeavors in the PE arsenal. Jumping into clamping without a solid background to toughen up your trouser trout and you will most certainly end up with a dead fish.

I would probably go ahead with the newbie routine but with less stretching. And then over time I would increase my jelqing but not my stretching. Lets say that you decide that gaining 1/2 inch in length wouldn’t break your heart. That gives you some leeway to adjust your routine if you do start gaining length.

We have been around long enough that other new guys must have been in your situation. Anyone have links to girth only n00b routines? Try some creative searches spaz, and see what you can find.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

Great advice so far. I just want to throw another voice in there to advise against clamping until you have some time to toughen up. When you do start clamping, ease into it very slowly.

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CLamping right away seems like a bad idea. The last thing you want to do is get an injury. Just start the newbie routine and go from there.

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