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Ready to Begin

Ready to Begin

Hey guys.
New to the Forum but not new to the art of PE, done it before but never been consistent. Just wondering how to start off, what routines are best, how to do them, etc. I’ve looked around a lot and see all these pulleys and pumps but I’m hoping I’m not gonna need this to lengthen my penis. I want to reach 7.5 and I am roughly 5.5 right now. So I am just wondering what is the best jump off to starting a new routine. Thanks guys probably a very frequent question but bare with me. How do I start and with what?

Thanks guys

Read the top thread of the newbie forum. It’s got everything you need to know, plus you won’t drive the senior members mad!! Good luck

I would start with the newbie routine, but with some additional manual stretching. I did it for 8 weeks before I started getting “cute” with my exercises, now, I’m pissed off at PE and will probably just go back on the newbie plan for a while longer. It’s simple and straight forward and will get you on your way.

Added stretches? How long should I do that and what do these look like? How long do I do the newbie routine?

Sorry I’m not supposed to ask all these questions but can anyone help me out?

Also what have ya’lls gains been on the newbie routine? Sorry didnt get this last question in on the other post.


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