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Read A Lot and Now Some Q's

Read A Lot and Now Some Q's

Ok here goes..
I am new to Thunder’s and have only started PE a week ago, I love it. I have read a great deal of information on this site and others. I chose this one not because it’s free but because of the wealth of quality information it has. Anyhow, I have concluded my lot is 6 and I wanted to know if I should go for the tunica right away as a newbie? My routine consists of..
5 min warm up
10 min basic stretching
200 jelqs
5 min warm down
100 kegels at some point in the day, everyday

This routine is 2 day on and 1 day off. I am currently 6.2 erect length and 5.5 erect girth, my goal is 8 in length. Is this goal reasonable and what kind of gains can I expect? Also, any information on tunica stretching for a newbie and comments on my routine would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Don’t worry about LOT, just concentrate on following the newbie routine for 3 months. You’ll know more by then and should have seen some gains. Once you put in the initial time, you can do more concentrated exercises and you’ll have a better understanding of where to concentrate anyway.

Stretch in all directions, regardless of LOT.

My journey .... My pics

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I have seen your pics when going through the site, congrats! What do you think of my above routine should I add anything?

Your starting stats are basically identical to mine and so is your routine.and location for that matter - lol. I’m a newbie and have been doing it for a couple of weeks now. From what I’ve learned the only thing you may want to incorporate in your routine is a cool down instead of a warm down. Wrapping the penis in a cool wash cloth for a few minutes apparently encourages growth more than re-applying heat at the end of a session.

Your length goal is perfectly reasonable but don’t try to gain it in 2 weeks by hanging a piano from your dick. Do you have girth goals or are you happy with that stat?

Hey thanks for the reply! I don’t think ill be doing any hanging I just don’t like the idea. I don’t really have girth goals I’m happy with the current, but if I grow in girth I’m not going to complain lol . Should I scrap the warm down and just make it a cool down? Also I have a lot of sex with my gf at least 5 times a week. I’ve read the other threads on this just looking for opinions and experiences. Thanks again!


You seem enthusiastic about PE, so it would be my pleasure to respond to your post.

Your routine looks great - but be careful of doing too many jelq’s.

I have been doing PE for a while now and JUST started gaining again after about a year. My routine: 15 minutes of fulcrum palm stretches and 40-50 jelq’s - I found that the key to success with me is not doing endless repetitions of jelq (I had a minor injury doing this) and instead focusing on learning to do stretches in such a way that I can hit fatigue every workout!

You might want to work up to 200 jelqs eventually, but can i recommend that you keep the number below 100 for the first month? Just to give your body time to get used to the exercises.

Anyway, GOOD LUCK!

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I’m pretty sure you can scrap the warm down. I think with the key with the cool down is to do it in an extended state so it might not hurt if the cool down followed the warm down as long as you are still near post exercise levels in length and girth.

Lucky bastard!! Sex with the wife is only once a week like clockwork but I expect that stat to increase significantly as I grow!

Originally Posted by ddolphin
I think with the key with the cool down is to do it in an extended state

Yes I agree with you. I feel some members do not do their cool down in the extended state.
There is a significant difference in length and shape when the cool down is employed that way.

I have not tried the cool down yet (always still warm down), but the recent consensus here seems to say it has encouraging results. WhiskeyFish is right - you have too may jelqs for now. Ramp up gradually on them. Also, you mentioned doing 100 jelqs everyday which is not a great idea. Take the days off as days off. Otherwise you will be headed for injury and ultimately inhibiting growth.

My journey .... My pics

Start BPEL 6.50" x MSEG 5.00"

Now BPEL 7.625" x MSEG 5.25"


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