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Rash on Penis

Rash on Penis

Been doing PE for about two months and felt like I was making good progress until the skin on the underside of my penis below the glands began to get very rough and dry and then began to itch like crazy. My routine was:

Manual Stretches in the shower
Hanging for about an hour (10 - 15 mins per session)
Jelging (15 - 20 mins)
Pumping (10 - 15 mins)

The question is what caused it all of a sudden?

Try Hydrocortisone cream - but use it sparingly.

Possibly stretching of the skin. I say work through it.

Has anyone heard of pumping causing this type of reaction?

I would love to work through it, but it is pretty uncomfortable.

The hydrocortosone cream I used did not help much if any.

I don’t think it’s yeast.

I first started noticing a dry-rough area below the glands on the underside and thought it was caused by the inflating of the tissue as a result of hanging, so I kept going.

I also began doing more pumping (5 Hg - 10 - 15 mins 3-4 times/day) and then I changed from jelqing before pumping to jelqing after pumping (5 - 10 mins).

Could it be Vaseline?

Ok I need more info than this but from what you posted I have to ask what the hell has possessed you to do all those different PE workouts so soon in your PE adventure? You are doing too much what are you trying to gain length or girth or both? Are you cut or uncut and are you using any kind of lube for your PE since you are doing some PE in the shower I wonder if you aren’t just severely drying out your penis especially if you are uncut. Try applying some lotion to that poor bastard.

You would probably be better off alternating jelqing and pumping on separate days. You can also try this hang and then jelq after on one day then pump only the next day. In my experience you do not want to pump and jelq after it never worked out for me other than cause more fluid build up and create a baseball bat dick. I have been doing PE since june 2008 and I do not even combine hanging,pumping, and jelqing in one day its too much especially for an unconditioned penis. Let me ask one last question how is your EQ?

Sometimes dry, flaky and itching skin is just dry, flaky and itching skin. Do you use any kind of dry skin lotions? I use a 50/50 mixture of Eucerin cream and cocoa butter. Works well for me.

Not denying the possibility of yeast, though it does not commonly present as dry and flakey skin. It like many of the other fungus crotch rots”” generally cause red, oozing lesions.

It could be the kind fungus that causes dry, flaky athletes foot. (gainerdawg do you put your pump on or take it off with your feet?)

As for Vaseline, again a reaction would look like an inflammation (red, tender, bumps?).

I agree with Thunder, I think it’s from depleted uranium. You wouldn’t happen to be a gunner in the Navy?

Thanks for the feedback guys! I had not considered yeast but now that you mention it and I look at some pictures on the internet it certainly looks like yeast. I will try some anti-fungals.

I am initially going for length, then girth and I am cut. I was wondering if I was doing to much to soon, I’m very impatient by nature.

I use Vaseline for jelqing and for pumping, I have not been washing it off when I get finished (wonder if that is what caused the yeast?).

My EQ (erectile quality) is good during sex, but I did notice that during this breakout my night and morning wood has been non-existent, the wood has come back the last day or two. I guess that would prove I was overdoing a bit. I will take your advice and back of a bit.

Thanks again!

I have a skin rash on top side of penis below the glans. It is very red but no itch. Using cortisone cream, seems to help some. Is there a better cream to use?

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