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Quick gains -is this normal


So you are sceptic to PE, you say you thought it was all BS and that it wouldn’t work and you have never done any form of PE before?

So you are going from being a sceptic, not believing in it, never tried it before to start pumping, hanging, using the Hubbard showercap method, doing stretching with v-stretch and jelqing? Your routine is 2 hours long. You also take take 3g L-arginine everyday. And you do all this as you say “prove to myself that PE is bullshit”?

It seems like you do know allot about PE, enough to know how to hang and pump and do all the other PE you do. That’s allot of knowledge for someone that never have done PE before. Which means you must have been doing allot of reading about PE before you started doing it, and that means you know that almost everyone recommends to start slow and not start with a 2 hours routine.

Some even say that if you start with a hardcore routine you will never see any gains at all, so if you wanted to prove that PE doesn’t work you would probably have chosen to go with a newbie routine. This did work for you now but if it hadn’t worked you would have proved nothing since everyone would have told you you overdid it and therefore you didn’t gain.

Now you did gain, so gongrats I guess, or are you sad that you failed to prove that PE doesn’t work?

To be honest I don’t know if I believe any of this.

If this is true, good for you, gongrats on the gains. Or maybe you are sad because you didn’t prove anything after all this effort.

True. I was doing research for a book and this was all made up. The moderator should delete this thread. Sorry but thanks for all the info.


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