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I know, I know, search the forums. Well I have done so and have not found anything specifically related to my questions, so here goes:

I smoke now and then, sometimes regularly, some days I will go 3-4 days with nothing, then I will turn around and go out drinking and smoke an entire pack (I tend to drink every Friday). My concerns are whether or not my progress will be affected by these actions.

Almost 1.5 years ago I started PE for the first time via ThundersPlace, and worked diligently for 3 months, with noticeable gains (.25in BPEL, and ~.1in EG), and at the time I was a much heavier smoker, and worked out rarely (not overweight, just skinny), due to time constraints, and stress, I stopped my routine, and am finally looking to pick it back up. I have begun working out regularly (not extensively, but a moderate workout), and I smoke/drink far less, as well as I have quit smoking marijuana.

My starting program happens to be:
5min. hot wrap.
10 second manual stretches x3 each angle (with circular stretch).
100 3-second wet jelq’s.
10 power jelq’s (3 second holds, 10 times, squeeze).
100 3-second wet jelq’s.
10 second manual stretches x3 each angle (with circular stretch).
5min. hot wrap.

I work my way up and then back down… I also noticed (in my last 2 days) that my penis looks much healthier already, with the bronzing affect taking place almost immediately, as well as it seems ot hang a tad thicker already! I am not drinking much water, so this is not the cause, however I can only imagine if I were to drink alot of water, my flaccid length would look like..

However, any insight into whether or not this workout is appropriate after 1.5 years off PE, also with my moderate smoking/drinking?



Others may want to weigh in but I don’t think your light drinking and smoking are having much effect on your PE either way.

It is not so much about the numbers as how much you are stressing your penis. Start off slowly as you get back into it. Listen to your body, acute pain is bad. Also, let up a little if you erections weaken.

Good luck

Thanks for the input.

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Could marijuana hinder growth? Sorry for the hijack :(

Hey cajual, Welcome back to the forum I guess is more appropriate to say. Doing it for only 3 months and taking a year break IMO puts you back into the newbie category. So consider yourself a newbie and take it easy getting back into it. The best thing to do is stay sensitive to your PIs (see link in signature). Your member will tell you what is good and what is not good. good luck to you. Hope you stick it out this time.



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