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Question guys

Question guys

Being new to PE I’m going to ask stupid question. Been jelqing and pumping for 6 days now, 3rd day while jelqing my unit popped two or three times right at the base. Is this supposed to happen or am I hurting something?? No pain just feels weird as hell.

What do you mean it “popped”?

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Others here have described a popping or snapping sound.

Try a search for threads about this.



I’m not sure, but I’ve had popping feelings as well, basically it just feels like a a blood vessel or something of the sort is pushed and hits something else and makes a faint knocking sound.

It’s kinda like popping your fingers, you sort of push them too far and they pop back

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Probably just a ligament at the base rolling over another one, making a “popping” or “snapping” sound.

Has happened to me and others many times, it isn’t a bad thing, some actually look at it as a positive sign. As Avocet8 said search about it you will find some interesting threads.

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What you’re describing is commonly referred to as “lig pop” and like bluray said, some look at it as a positive sign or indicator, I’ve been getting them since I was in my early teens. I kinda like them actually, feel good in a weird way.

Anyways, do a search for lig pop, you’ll come up with some interesting discussion on it.

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I’ve had that to and sometimes when I’m hard and I stretch it down it would do the “popping” and I have to agree with maverick it does feel good oddly to say.

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