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Question for you girth workers


Oh my god, porno fucks with the minds of many many man.

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That sounds like a good routine. Keep us posted as to how it goes. Watch your PI’s and you should be good.

Really, I don’t think the black guys are using camera angles to make them look bigger. Those are some bigger fucking dicks in the videos I have watched.

Nobody said there weren’t big dicks in porn. Of course there are guys with very HUGE dicks in Porno, black and white.

Having a big dick is pretty much a requirement to be in porn. However if you watch enough porn, you will see not every body in porn has a gigantic dick. And as far as the gigantic ones go, it is the same handful of performers over and over again.

If you are familiar with the more scientific size studies, you know how statistically rare those gigantic guys are. These charts are based on the Lifestyle Condom Size Study. The charts themselves were done for

This explains why we see the same handful of guys over and over again.

For every Shorty Mac or Lex Steele, there are probably 10 or 15 Arnold Schwarzenpeckers. And as far as I am concerned, Arnold Schwarzenpecker has a big dick.

Look at the falloff on the charts where your stats are. You have a big dick.

If you ever get some time, there is some good stuff in this thread:

The Size Myth In The Porn Industry

A couple relevant posts that you can check out right now, and I hope you will - Things may appear bigger in porn than they actually are:

Norsey - The Size Myth In The Porn Industry
Norsey - The Size Myth In The Porn Industry
sta-kool - The Size Myth In The Porn Industry

One of the most interesting, from Krod - Johnny Sins being “measured” with a wrench we know is 6 inches long.
Krod - The Size Myth In The Porn Industry

Take a look at the discussion around that one, pretty interesting. Johnny’s stats have been listed at 9.5” by the porno marketing machine.

I believe he has actually addressed these pictures, saying no I am not 9.5”, slightly under 8.

I am not sure how he is measuring to get that. If I measure visible penis from the side with a measuring tape, I can come up with slightly under 8.

Clearly the guy has a big dick, but his narrow hips and level of leanness make his dick look bigger on camera.

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Just realized I didn’t answer the question of whether or not it is possible to gain an inch clamping alone, answer is yes it is possible, BG is proof. And some day soon I will be as well lol

Start:7.5 BPEL X 5 MSEG

Goal: 7 MSEG

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