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Question for guys betwen 7bpel and 7.5 nbp


Being between 7-7.5 erect length and 5.5 erect girth, I have had comments made my most of the girls I have been intimate with. I’ve had one girl day I had a “porn star Penis,” one be anxious before sex and say she had never had one of that size, and a few others say it was pretty big and/or huge. It seems that these girls being somewhat young (from late teens to early to mid-20s throughout time) have on average been with a few other people before me. So they had some experience, but most of them not a really high about. Of course, I don’t usually see myself in the light that they do, or say they do. But I have barely ever seen nude men in real life, so my only comparison is with guys online seen on videos.

As a porn enthusiasts (mainstream and amateur) , I think 7 inch and up NBP is considered long by most girls, just look at johnny sins, he is 7 inch NBP and that thing looks long even though he is 6 ft tall, so imagine a 7 inch NBP on a 5 ft 8 guy and he seems to hit all the right spots in his videos granted they were acting but I’m truly convinced that a true 7 inch NBP would probably be considered significantly above average by most women. Just to give you guys another perspective, a 500 ML poland spring bottle is exactly 7.9 inches long (from bottom to the cap). Just try putting your hands around it and you’ll see. Take away .9 inches from the bottle and it would still look long.


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