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Question about new exercises

Question about new exercises

After doing the newbie routine for awhile, how long did most of you wait before adding other excerises to your routine, or is it just more of a preference by how comfortable you feel doing them for the first time? Thanks

Both. No matter how comfortable you feel, you should wait 1-2 months before adding anything. After one month you might kick up the intensity by adding more jelqs or stretching, but you shouldn’t add any exercises. After two months, if you feel ready you could add 1 more exercise. Anymore exercises might be too much. Then again, even if you feel like you can add more doesn’t mean you should. If you are getting good gains with a smaller workout, keep with it until gains dry up so to say. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it I always say.

Thanks xl that’s just the info I was looking for, appreciate the reply.

Jerheimer. How long is a while? Has it been a month?

After a while, when you feel ready, try incorporating different light exercises such as:

JAI stretches
Orange Bends
Rotor Stretches

Nothing too fancy: but just a little extra kick. Your main focus for the first few months should be jelqing and stretching — it will do you wonders, just be patient.
Good Luck

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Originally Posted by jerheimer
Thanks xl that’s just the info I was looking for, appreciate the reply.

You’re welcome. I do my best to bestow upon newbies the info I’ve gained over the ~year I’ve PEed. Hopefully someday you’ll experience the joy I get from the guys who ask me for help. :)


I’m as new as you to the PE’s basic routine ( Wet Jelqing and Manual Streching), I feel so comfortable to these two routines..
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I have some gain in girth and strong solid errection after two weeks..
As said the nice senior members here.. Be patient and remember don’t try overdoing it.. “I’m trying to tell myself only” haha..



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