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Question about EQ, beneficial for all members.

Question about EQ, beneficial for all members.

I have been convinced that the only way to get sure fire results quicker; not saying P.E. Is a race. Is to have constant blood flow to the penis. This means constant erections, healthy EQ, and maintaining these for a long period of time. I’ve been reading this forum and the other for months and months and months and I’ve come to this conclusion simply based off of everything I’ve read, no I’m not delusional but I think I’m onto something.

So here’s my question, if I go on a natural drug like Horny Goat Weed, take it daily to help me increase EQ to have 10/10 EQ all the time would this interrupt the natural jelqing process and the bodies reaction to it?

What I’m referring to is the PI’s. After you jelq your supposed to watch for PI’s like turtling, loss of EQ, bruising etc. If I was taking something that would make my EQ go through the roof, naturally in a way would this interfere with any natural PI’s I would have without the drug, forcing the penis to go up, despite it being injured & misleading you?

IE lets say I jelqed one day while not on natural drug, had poor EQ and all the bad PI’s one day.

And the next time I jelqed with EXACTLY the same reps w/ force, and took the natural drug, and had excellent PI’s after should I then continue to jelq because of the all of the positive PI’s.

I’m just curious because I’m not sure if this would inhibit the bodies own ability to make your EQ poor/good and make it hard to read, would the Positive PI’s coming from the natural drug eventually lead to an injury if you continued thinking things were fine when really your penis was somewhat injured but worked because of the drug?

Does that make sense?

Hi, I think I understand what you saying and the you probably know that negative PI means most of the time you need a break, rest, so if you are on some medication that mislead you into thinking you are ok, it may result in injury so I don’t think is a good idea to try boost your gains this way

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i second that ^

Originally Posted by sketchitz

… if I go on a natural drug like Horny Goat Weed, take it daily to help me increase EQ to have 10/10 EQ all the time …

Taking such a drug on a daily basis could have an undesirable effect:

Whenever you regularly supply your body with a chemical it naturally uses to produce, the effect is that your body eventually loses the ability to produce it in a satisfactory manner. There are well known examples for that feed-back mechanism. In this case, you may find one day that you can’t achieve good EQ any more without your drugs. If you are young, that would be a disaster. I’m 55 and I’m still saving those drugs for the (far) future when I’ll really need them… :)

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Nothing besides viagra would be powerful enough to do such a thing and plenty of guys work through fatigue. If you ask me like saiyan22 has wrote an article on what we are doing to the penis, and he called it creep or plastic deformation, so in reality your deforming or molding your penis, forcing it to grow so therefore, as long as PIs are good enough to get an erection and not feel any pain then your all set to do PE multiple times per day in my opinion. Me I don’t wanna spend all day on PE but when I do it’s at least 45 minutes of girth-work and with edging it carries over an hour, that’s plenty of time to expand the penis and edge more blood into the penis, without expansion, girth will not be gained. Without keeping yourself in an extended state of constant stretch after a manual stretching routine, length gains will be slow. PERIOD.

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