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Question about curve

Question about curve

Hey everyone,just want to know why do people penis go to the Right or left like it curves.
I want to know if this was cause by pe? Because I don’t about mines to curve to the left to right.
Is there anyway to prevent this ?

Thanks for your time

Make sure your PE exercise is symmetrical and done by right and left hands the same number of times.

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Some people are just born with a penis that goes left or right. Other guys have ones that curve up and others slightly down. Still, other guys have ones that are stick straight. It all depends. PE is actually often used to correct an unwanted curve by jelqing in the opposite direction. It should be noted that some women love a curved penis because it can hit them just right.

I’m seriously thinking to delete all threads with titles like “Quick question”, “Just a question” and so on.

Please, don’t be lazy and choice a more explicative titles for your threads, or they will become useless for searches.

Thanks in advance.

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I actually had to re-read that post several times. I don’t mean to be a spelling/grammar whore, but jeez, that was hard work!

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