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Putting in the effort for the best looking girl I know

Putting in the effort for the best looking girl I know

Hi guys I’m Chris, I’ve been a member of this site for a while now and at one point I was in a steady routine of jelqing in the bath (100 jelqs a night) I doubt this was enough to do anything and didn’t notice any gains (I only kept it up for about 3 weeks so no wonder duh) as my name says I am only 5 inches fully erect and that is bone pushed to :( I have measured the girth to and it’s only 4 inches :( my penis size is really getting me down and seriously messing up my life, I can’t take it anymore as it’s the only thing holding me back. I’m not asking for a massive 10 inch member and would never want one that big, I suppose I just want to feel good with myself naked, I would be happy with an extra inch in both directions and if what they say about jelqing is true these goals are well reachable for me :) anyway enough of this story and down to the facts!! I have just met the best looking girl I have ever seen and for some strange reason she seems to like me, now I’m 24 and she is 17 so she like older men, I really like her and we are meeting up very soon (not for sex or anything, to see how we get on and just to have a laugh together) and I feel like the person she likes is just a big mask on a small penis :( I’ve had a think about backing out n telling her I’m not looking for a girl but I am and would seriously love a nice girl to share some life with. Been single for a while now cause my ex ran off with some guy (he must of been bigger and better haha) that was an even bigger blow to my confidence so I just gave up on getting to close to girls, this one however is like the girl of my dreams, she like the same music and has the same sense of fun so.. Id be stupid to let this one go. I have to make myself feel better with who I am but I also need to try this jelqing thing allot more serious to check it out, if this works for me it would seriously change my life, id be a different man and that is just with the gains of 1 inch length and girth. Anyway thanks for reading this guys and it’s me saying I’m starting again. Look forward to hearing from you guys if you have any thing you would like to add. Also I will e adding pics and moving this post to the pics area (it won’t let me start a post in there for some reason?) anyway I am off in the bath after writing this to have a 5 min warm up followed by 200 wet jelqs (would a few months of this alone help me gain anything or should I stretch after? Right enough of this chit chat I need to get in the bath and get these jelqs done, I will record my stats later tonight and upload some pics. Thanks guys :)

First of all. Do not expect to gain a inch in a few months or so. Trying to accomplish that will ruin your dick.

A inch in half a year is maybe possible when you are disciplined. Since she is only seventeen this probably means she is still pretty tight so I wouldn’t worry about your size just yet. (Which is just average, not small)

Just focus on erection quality primary, because you sound pretty nervous about this. The length gains will soon follow and get noticed by her soon enough. Just take it easy and start out with the newbie routine and stick to it.

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Hey happytope, thanks for the words, they have made me feel better and the fact that I’ve just done 200 jelqs in the bath. I dunno why but the word newbie has put me off for a while, maybe I need to rethink what I’m doing and start that routine, do members report any gains from the newbie routine and how long should I stay on that? I guess the details are n hear somewhere ill have a look around, thanks anyway and good luck with your PE. I know that gains of an inch in a month are not doable n I was thinking something like 8 months maybe I just really want this girl n want her to be happy with me and want to be able to please her weather she’s 17 or 70 haha she is that beautifully. I’m gonna keep at it this time and maybe by 2010 I will be a new man ;) thanks!

Lol sorry about that thunder :P

In the end the girl I was on about messed with my head so I’ve decided that if this is gonna work for me I have to start it up and be in it for myself :)

I will be starting again very soon, just want to do some research and I’m off.

Hi 5inch

Just stick to the newbie routine.. It works. I just started PE about a month ago with it and I’ve already noticed some results. Havent measured yet but it feels bigger so I know I’m doing it right.

Don’t worry so much about your size. Learn how to go down on a girl and she’ll love sex every time.

And don’t overdo the PE! I know it will feel like you can do 3 or 4 times the amount of the newbie routine but stick with it and maybe progressively add to it very slowly. Remember, discipline is key.

Best of luck!

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Bro start the newbie routine ASAP, in your free time study as much as you can from thunder’s place.

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Oh wow, I just seen how old this thread is. So have you stuck to a routine since you first posted this 5inch?

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Do not be afraid of getting close to the girl you like just because your dick is average size.Not all girls love men because of their dicks size only,some might prefer to have average size of dick but great personality.anyway,good luck in PE!

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Hey man, I am also below the mean length, at “4.5 NBPEL, but that is up from “4.1, and I started maybe around 3 and a half months ago? Basically though mate, you are well within the average, so don’t beat yourself up about your penis length. All these problems that you are finding are within yourself, not in the outside world. If your ex ran off with some other dude, don’t even begin to think it’s any thing to do with penis size. These thoughts are the common shallow assumptions of men, when in fact women are usually befuddled by our weird obsession with our penis’s. I was even talking to a girl about it yesterday. There’s nothing stopping you going out there and taking what you want from life, so stop convincing yourself otherwise, and go get her!

Doing a bit of PE, however, never hurts, because it feels like another aspect of self improvement, much like going to the gym, and therefore helps you gain respect from the only one who’s actually judging you - yourself.

Beautifully Put Monkey


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