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Purpose of Stretching and the Tension

Purpose of Stretching and the Tension

Hi guys,
It’s about a week now of stretching and minor jelqing.
I wasn’t feeling I was doing any improvement, maybe doing everything too lightly so I used more pressure on my stretches.
I felt a little “pop” when doing a downwards pull. (Similar to when you pop a joint).
Now when I do a downward stretch, it’s a little bit tender at the root.

Is this a good sign or a bad one?

Essentially I’m breaking down tissue to rebuild stronger tissue, or have I started on a path that will lead me to injuries.
Or is the function of the stretch only for warming up and relaxing, while the jelqing is the exercise.

How much pulling tension should I have?
- Just enough to feel a little bit? (Ie just a warmup stretch).
- Pull tight but very slowly. As though I would be pulling a brick through a piece of thread. (Constant pressure at max length).
- Or pull strong to get myself just a little bit past my current length and wait for healing afterwards.

I find jelqing a little difficult to do properly, so I primarily focus on the stretching for now.
Thanks for your help guys.

It’s called a lig pop. You’ll find lots of info if you search on that. Whether it’s actually a lig popping or not, the consensus is that it’s neither good nor bad and nothing to worry about.

You don’t really want to build stronger tissue, that makes forward progress much harder. It will happen but it’s not a goal.

When you are starting the tension can be fairly low. Ease into a stretch and stop when it feels like you are making a difference. You won’t feel this in the shaft of the penis too much but you should feel it at the base of the ligaments. If you feel it in the skin, then check whether you can rearrange the skin to stop it. The skin does need to stretch but it’s not the hard bit and will stretch easily. You particularly want to avoid skin stretch at the base of the shaft on top as this will lead to turkey neck (the hairy part of the shaft being stretched so hair further up the shaft).

Work on your jelqing, it’s a very important exercise but it does take some time to master. Watch the videos, look at the different techniques and find what works for you.

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