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Purely focusing on girth

Purely focusing on girth

Hey all,
At the current stage of PE’ing (having done it for a few months) I’m wanting to put a total focus on girth- it’s the reason I wanted to start doing PE in the first place.

Given that I only have a limited amount of time for it in the mornings and evenings, I have a couple of questions:

I) Would traditional jelqs and stretches still be recommended for a pure girth workout, instead of putting the time towards girth-based exercises/squeezes?

Ii) Given that my dick is fairly conditioned at this point (I’ve noticed a significant improvement in the amount of stress it can take), is there a girth-centric exercise I should be doing? I’m already alternating between Horse squeezes and Sadsaks.

Iii) Two questions in one I suppose: do guys with thinner girths earn gains better or differently than bigger dicks? If so, are there any exercises catered to improving girth to a thin/long dick?

Iv) Girthwise I am MEG(4.7) and BEG (4.4). While my post-workout hang seems a little thicker at the middle, it tends to make the base even thinner. What workouts are going to be able to target the Base? So far, the girth exercises I’ve come across are aimed towards the mid-shaft.

.Hope that’s not too many questions for one thread. I’m really motivated to improve, and might be helpful to have all of the info in one place to bookmark.

Any ideas?

1. both. Its like a 2 fold fabric. You should always do some stretches. Jelqs should be a stable in every routine. Jsut find the right amount and intensity for yourself.(which is the art of PE)

2. bends at 60 -90 % erection. Clamping. Pumping

3. not neccesarily. theoreticly if you increase 5cm by 1 cm its a higher % then increasing 10cm by 1 cm. … but you can find al lkinds of progresses for all kinds of dicks in the forum.

4. horse squezzes, reverse jelqing. Bends a t the abse. BTC stretching for the base. pumping. Jelq more intense at the base at higher errection %.

Thanks again dickerschwanz.

Horse squeezes and BTC are both a big part of my routine already.

I think a lot of my sessions so far have been eaten up by simply trying to get my erections up to the >60% range. Hopefully with practice it’ll get easier.

With a pump and a cockring you can get that in an instant.
If you go for girth a pump is a good thing to have. qualtiy one with a gauge.(pumper forum)

Just makes sure with all exercises to start out with low intensity and rather increase time/frequency first.
Cause when you go too hard too fast you wont have much room to go up in intensity along the PE path. Or you have to take prolonged decondtioning breaks.

You want to find the lowest intensity necessary to gain.

Sounds good.

How long should it take to see if gains are sufficient or not, or time to do something different if no gains are present?

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