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Psycological or phisiologic

Psycological or phisiologic

Yesterday I had a shock. I’m very concerned of my size and it’s making me depressed. I joined PE routine in order to help break that depression, but I don’t know if it helps or not.

The thing is that yesterday I went on edging a little and tried hard and hard. At one moment, I remembered how as a teenager I used to press deeply into my perineum (now I know it’s where the BC muscle resides) and did it. I had a very big surprise. Normally my erections are quite soft and pointing at 10 o’clock. But after some time pressing with the hand while jerking, I got a rocky 100% erection! And the best of it was that I measured about 14’5 cms. Erect! That’s 5”7 inches! So my real size is not 5 inches, but 5”7, but I almost never get enough erection! At girth, the gain is very small. I could mantain the 100% erection (once I reached it) for some minutes, but had to be really concentrated.

Initially I had a big boost of euphoria, because it showed I’m lamost an inch above what I thought (and reaching 6 inches bone pressed!). But now I don’t know if the impossibility to reach 100% erections is psycological or there’s something physic (in that case I shouldn’t be able to reach 100% isn’t it?). So, I have an appointment with my doctor on monday, but I wanted to tell you that in case someone experienced similar conditions or just to know what you think of it.

I have night erections (but not 100% erections) and morning wood is also about 50%-70% erection. I only seem to reach 100% with a lot of stimulation by me.

- Could it be that I was simply ballooning and that gain in size can only be really specific in time, only near ejaculation? In that case, I would be 5 inches again, lol!
- Do you guys can have 100% erections any day, without stimulating a lot or only by kegeling? How often do you have 100% erections?
- How many of you have this kind of problem or similar (if anyone)?
- Do you think I have to quit PE until I recover perfect functionality? I’m doing kegels for 1 month, but haven’t found any improvement yet.

It’s difficult to give you any reasonable feedback as I feel I only vaguely understand the problem.

You don’t get 100% erect ever? Except for this one time pressing into your perenium? Has this lack of erection always been the case or did it develop? If it developed, was there trauma to your body (the penis or elsewhere)?

I’m happy you finally scored a 100% erection. Let’s hope you have many more ahead of you.

Let us know what the Urologist says.

Before: I'd like to show you something I'm very proud of, but you'll have to move real close.

After: I\'d like to show you something I\'m very proud of, but you guys in the front row will have to stand back.

God gave men both a penis and a brain, but unfortunately not enough blood supply to run both at the same time. - Robin Williams (:

I had 100% 12 o’clock always until some years ago, but somehow, without me really being conscious of it, the angle of erection dropped to 10 o’clock and the level of erection would drop to 80% (angle and level of erection are not the same). Now if I go to 12 o’clock and 100% I feel bigger compared to what I’m used. The thing I fear the most is how the hell did I let that happen to my body without being fully aware. The brain unleashes more power and change to our bodies than we would think. I’ll try again today to reach 100% 12 o’clock.


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