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I´ve seen a thread related to body size vs penis size.

I question myself when I see guys bigger than 6’. How many guys about 6’ or higher would have units about 5.5” or less?

I guess if a guys is big (body), he will have bigger arms, bigger legs, bigger hands, bigger feet. I mean, the limbs will be proportional to his size. How about penises?

For example, I´m 5’ 6” and I´m about 6.5” NBPEL and a friend of mine is 6’ and told he has a 5.5” unit.

When I see NBA players I think about that also!!! lol

What´s your opinion?

Start: 07/09/08 - BPEL: 6.75"; NBPEL: 6.2"; EG: 4.75"; STOPED for several times.

----- Current/Restart: - BPEL: ~ 7"; NBPEL: ~ 6.4"; EG: 4.85";

Final Goal - NBPEL: ≥ 7.5"; EG: ≥ 5.5";

Threads like that already exist, so it’s better to search then open a new one. Well penis size is a damn random thing! I am big and that would make me have a big dick? Nah I don’t think so.

Started: 15.5cm x 12cm, Now: 19.5cm x 13.3cm, Goal: 21cm x 15cm

I'm going to reach my goal, and there is no one who can stop me! Yes, I'm a persistent bastard :D

My Pictures! I am back baby, and I will hang out with my wang out!

I myself am 6’1” with a large frame but my penis is only 5.5 NBPEL x 4.5 EG. So my guess is that there is no relation between build and penis size.

There isn’t any strict correlation between body-size and penis size.

Trust me the Lord has a sens of humor.

5/27/09 start>>> BP Length 5.5 NBP 5 Girth 5.5

7/16/09>>> BP Length 6 NBP 5.5 Girth 5.5.

Thank you PE and Thunders.

Like I said, what short man loose on body size, seems to gain on “apparent” penis size, because it will look larger than it is.

Well, I´m not big (6.5’ NPBEL) but the fact of me being short (I´m 5’ 6”), makes the women I´ve been with say that I´ve a big unit.

Start: 07/09/08 - BPEL: 6.75"; NBPEL: 6.2"; EG: 4.75"; STOPED for several times.

----- Current/Restart: - BPEL: ~ 7"; NBPEL: ~ 6.4"; EG: 4.85";

Final Goal - NBPEL: ≥ 7.5"; EG: ≥ 5.5";

6.6” NBPEL is big - not gigantic, but definitely more than average.

Karrine “Superhead” Steffans said that Shaq was disappointingly endowed. There is definitely no correlation between height and penis size if the Diesel isn’t packing. I actually feel bad for the big fella, you would think he’s got a foot long dong. I wouldn’t trade having a big swinging dick for no amount of championship rings, but that’s just me :D

really big. want the biggest.

Yeah. There’s no direct correlation between height and penis size however some people tend to think otherwise. And I agree 6.5 NBPEL would look BIG for a 5’6” guy.

Mandingo is packing a large tool, no one can dispute that. His short stature makes his big penis look [fill in the blank with any superlative]. Try putting that same tool on a guy my height (6’ 4” 200 lbs.) and it would not draw the same “omg, it's the biggest in the world” reaction unless there was a ruler next to it.

really big. want the biggest.

While there seems to be no direct correlation between body size and penis size, size and proportionality do make a significant difference in appearance.

I am short, just under 5’7”, 155 lbs, relatively fit and muscular for a 48 year old. I have been PEing for about 7 months now. Starting BPEL at around 5.875, current BPEL at 6.125 . Not big, not small, but very happy with the improvement. The biggest improvement from PE has been flaccid increase. It has gone from something like a paltry 2.5” to a fuller/thicker consistent 4.25” swinging flaccid.

I was always a little self-conscious at the gym/pool/shower because of my small flaccid and relatively small stature compared to others. I now feel more confident and feel better about walking around the shower with a hanging flaccid that is usually as big as any 6 foot guy in there. I know, pretty shallow, but that is how I felt.

The smaller size of my body makes it look even bigger compared to the bigger guys. I like the idea of now being a “shower” vs “grower”. PE has made this possible.

I do not have 7” & 8” stories to tell, but it shows that all sizes and improvements have a place at Thunders.


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