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Promising Manual Exercises

Promising Manual Exercises

One of the moderators running this site deleted my thorough article which included well written commentary on penis size in society, an explanation on how penis enlargement works, and the personal method of manual exercises I have worked out which may helped a lot of other men out there, if it had not been deleted. I did not save the file because I did not see that coming, but I will repeat just what the methods are that I have worked out, so that maybe my whole effort won’t go to waste. I highly suggest people try these methods.

Here is my daily routine..
Get erect. Pull as hard as you can for a moment, then clamp for a moment with underhanded V-grip, repeat. Do this for fifteen minutes. If you do it right, by the end of the fifteen minutes your penis will probably itch where the base meets the shaft and there will probably be temporary dark and light patches along the shaft.
Max out (manual clamp with an o-k grip and slightly release while kegaling in more blood, all the while stimulating with an erotic visual aide to stay erect). Most importantly, never lose clamp except for a second to switch hands when your arm gets tired. Grip tightly at base and force blood toward head slightly to force penis to expand. Repeat. Do some sort of combination of maxing and forcing while being clamped the entire time. Try to find the balance between the amount of force applied during the Uli type move and/or the frequency of the move which leaves no significant bruising the next day. Do this for fifteen minutes as well.

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Gee whiz, I guess your site automatically capitalised every line. If there were a few mistakes with my grammar so be it, I’m trying to help people. Isn’t that the whole point of this website? Not to be a fastidious authoritarian nerd? I’ve posted the method on for the men who really need it. Unfortunately the men on here won’t get to read it because you’re surely going to delete it after I tell you to take your head out of your ass.

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