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Progress report

Progress report

Well all, I have finally measured after about a month of P.E., my start was BPEL 7 inches EL 4.5. I measured each BPEL and EL three times to get a semi-accurate measurement. My BPEL measurements were 7.4, 7.1, and 7.25. Now what I find very interesting is my EL measurements, for I seemed to grow more than I thought. My EL measurements were 5.5, 5.1, 5.1. I am thinking the measurement of 5.5 may have been an error on my part, but still, 5.1 is quite a bit more than I expected.

My routine consisted of mostly jelqs, slight stretching, and many kegels. All at random times of the day, and I did them until I felt fatigued. About two weeks ago I started clamping. My time and how often I clamped varied on how my unit felt at that point in time. If it felt over used I would stop, or if it felt under I would continue.

Congrats on the gains! Hopefully not sounding like a butt, but is your BPEL and EL difference really that big? In any case, very nice gains for a month of PE.

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Oh, I am sorry, I was very tired last night. Switch out all EL to EG.(I should really stop staying up 24 hours) Also, no my BPEL difference isn’t that big, I didn’t really come here for length gains, but with only 4.5 EG I figured I should try to get bigger.


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