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problems inserting penis

problems inserting penis

I have been having sex with this new girl I met and for some reason I have problems getting in the p hole.I do eventually get it in but its not easy.Maybe her opening is small once you penetrate it all good

I just saw your picture in your other thread.

Yeah, you have a big head and thick shaft. Need some foreplay.

Perhaps she is tensed when she sees your big cock. It’s hard to penetrate a tensed muscle.

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yea I think that might be the reason.She tried to insert it with her on top several times it was wierd she had a funny look on her face.Then I got on top and got it in.This has now happened about 5 times.

Lol you don’t insert in the pee hole…

if I could I probably

Also it depends on the woman. I’m with my current girlfriend for 6 years and still she’s like a virgin every time even with a lot of foreplay and lube.

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Originally Posted by jdvert
if I could I probably

Not to sound gay but your dick head is huge. I would love to have a head like that.

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thanks penox, its funny who you get use to seeing it yourself.It is always good to get other peoples perceptive.Ive had a few women comment about it.When I pull it out of pump it looks real crazy.

I’m trying to grow my head more than anything.. Anyone here have any tips aside from jelqing?

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You could try clamping and forcing blood to the glans but becareful.This with pumping may help.

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