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Problems finding lot

Problems finding lot

Hey I’m a newbie and I’m tryin to find my LOT but I can’t. I HAVE read the tutorial and I think I understand it clock direction thing 6- down 9-straight out- 12- up, but I don’t actually experience any loss of tugback when I do the exercise. I do notice my scrotum ‘leaps’ more when I point it upward, thats it tho. Is that weird or do other people experience it?

Welcome to Thunder’s sondy, this place is awesome. :)

I don’t know about your scrotum leaping up when you stretch upward but testing for LOT isn’t that hard. All you need to do is give a nice firm basic manual stretch out starting at the 12:00 (straight up towards the bellybutton) or 9:00 (straight out) position and then as you continue to hold the stretch slowly lower the clock position by a half hour and do a kegel for a second or two. If you see your dick visibly tugback with your eyes then you have found your LOT. If not continue to keep lowering the stretch by a hour/half-hour until you reach the 6:00 position (straight down).

If you are not sure what a kegel I’ll quickly explain it. Whenever you take a piss try stopping the flow of urine. If you do that you are doing what we call a kegel. That is what you need to do what you are testing for your LOT.

Hope that helps.

On the other hand, you can just forget about LOT as well. Modestoman & Remek picked the theory apart in the “LOT THeory 101” thread - the final verdict was to forget about LOT and just go ahead and stretch in all directions.

regards, mgus

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Thanks for the info LoveMachine :)

No problem, Okish6er. :)

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