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Pressure on penis for Jelq

Pressure on penis for Jelq

Hello all! A newbie here asking a newbie question. If you have to redirect me to another page or anything that would answer my question which surely must have been asked thousands of times already, feel free to do so. However I put my question into a thread because I just cannot find the answer to it, which is surprising. I guess I might not be looking very attentively.

I am about to start the newbie routine and am a bit puzzled about the intensity of the hand’s grip on the penis. I find the jelq on the video (provided by thundersplace) to have (in my rookie opinion) an excessively solid hold on the penis. Stupid question. Is it at least supposed to be of that intensity? The guy on the video seems to be choking his dick quite mercilessly. When do I know I am pushing too hard? Too softly? Or is it by simple trial and error that I should proceed to jelq, in other words, until my penis feels overworked?

Thanks in advance, folks!

Hi Demerit!

It is difficult to give precise amounts of tension to apply when jelqing etc. As we are all different phisically.

However the best ‘rule of thumb’ is to apply enough strength, or pressure, to work the unit without pain. Just apply enough pressure to feel the pull, without straining it.

That way you can measure how much is needed to work your penis without harming it.

So start slowly and learn from your own body what it best for you.

But don’t try for rapid gains. That way lies danger.

Hope that helps.


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