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Pressure at base of the penis

Pressure at base of the penis

How come sometimes when I put pressure on the upper base of my penis, and I’m a bit far into masturbating, I feel a huge urge to ejaculate? It’s not a problem in the beginning right when I start to have an erection, but later on if I put pressure on it with my fingers/hands, my penis starts to twitch and pump and it gets to be incredibly hard to resist ejaculation. Does anyone else feel that pressure on the base does this?

I have felt this too.discovered it by accident when masturbating. Know if even use my thumb to apply pressure in downward direction at the base just before cumming.feels very good. time you have having sex - try lifting up and putting pressure on the top of the penis by pressing against the upper vaginal wall.also works. I’m not sure why this exists, but it certainly does feel good. I suspect it is just a bio-structure thing - much like the woman G-spot. I even had girlfriend would wrap a silk scarf around my penis and then pass it between my legs to the back - she would hold the scarf and ride me from the top. Just as I was about to cum, she would tug on the scarf and put pressure against the top of the! Just little tricks you pick up here and there.

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