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Possible to lose Pre PE size?

Possible to lose Pre PE size?

Ever since I started having sex I had trouble with condoms. I had to go find the largest ones available to prevent pain. I couldn’t fit regular condoms on but on the rare day I could get it down but my dick would turn purple and be in so much pain. Even putting on a large condom was difficult at times. Now(I’m 32) it seems even when I have strong erections I don’t have to struggle anymore with the large condoms and I can even fit on a regular condom without purple/pain. It’s really getting me down. It isn’t PE related b/c I’ve never really PEd for any real length of time. How could this be possible? Is it just my “strong” erections now aren’t as strong as they used to be? Can I get this girth back?

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I’m with SpaghettiDick on this. You say that you have never really practiced PE for any real length of time. It could be that a light PE routine would help your EQ (erectile quality) and your girth. I’ve give it a try and see what results you get.

If you haven’t practiced PE much, you should be aware of your PIs (Physiologic Indicators (PIs) to help growth!) and watch those as you proceed.

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