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Poor Ligs

Poor Ligs

I now have a Tingling feeling in my penis which I believe most likely are the ligs. Is this something I can work through or should I take an extended break till I no longer have this sensation?

Tingling feeling generally come from nerves, not ligs. Where do you have this feeling, exactly?

Hmmm sorta just inside and sides of the shaft. I masterbaited today and everything was normal except for a little tingling and a bit of soreness afterwards. I did a search on this topic and read someone dating this was a ligs issue because I do about 30Mins of stretching in my routine (going for length gains).

Hmm have you got any loss of sensation?

Currently 6.5 NBP 5.5EG.

Originally Posted by Lord Harris
Hmm have you got any loss of sensation?

When I was jelqing two days ago I had a slight loss of sensation near the base, but not outside of that. I took a day break but guess I will resume my routine tonight and play it by ear.

Instead of stopping completely, you could continue lightly, and work the penis of your health back to normal. It’s quite addictive ;D


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